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Especialista Farmasi Internacional
retrato de belleza
Gana comisiónes del 30%,  50% y 100% en los productos vendidos mediante tus recomendaciones.
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  • Who is a Beauty Influencer?
    He is the person who promotes the Farmasi professional cosmetics brand and who come together with the aim of promoting personal commerce, transferring the experience of the direct treatment that a person receives in a commercial premises to the new completely online trend where users they receive equal treatment but through a digital experience.
  • Does it cost anything to be part of this proposal?
    Registration is totally free! And when you decide to be an independent member, you acquire a lifetime membership for only $499 mxn, obtaining not only the benefit of obtaining 30% and 50% of direct sales profits, but other economic benefits that go beyond earning these percentages, just Request more information so you can get all the bonuses.
  • How much can I earn? Is there any limit?
    You earn a commission of 30% and 50% of all purchases that come from your recommendations, it does not matter if 1 or infinite people come, it does not matter if they buy 1 or infinite products. There is no type of limitation, neither in number of people, products nor time. Therefore, the more referrals you make and to the more people, the more likely you are to earn more money, without limits!
  • How does it work?
    You will receive an economic reward each time a person buys through your recommendations in your own online store and direct sales. The dynamics are very simple. Once registered as a Farmasi Beauty Influencer, you will be able to access the product catalog in your e-commerce, from where you can recommend any product through WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, Facebook, Instagram, etc... This step will create a link that you will share on the social media you have selected. When a person makes a purchase from that link you will automatically receive 30% and up to 50% of the purchase. Also for each person who registers through the referral system you can get more commissions with our vast rewards plan.
  • Can I invite someone to be part of my work team?
    Of course, you can refer anyone you want. There are no restrictions. If you have a family member, friend or contact that you know might fit in, don't hesitate to let them know. The more people are part of your team of specialists, the more profit you will receive. Keep in mind that we constantly share our secrets, tricks and experiences with which the results will be faster.
  • What requirements are required to be a Farmasi Beauty Influencer?
    There are no special requirements to be part of Beauty Influencer Farmasi, the only thing we ask is that you take this seriously and rigorously. You don't need experience, training or even feel insecure. The Inspire Elite Team will help you throughout your process by offering webinars, training courses, training sessions, and much more to help you throughout the process.
  • How much time should I invest?
    The choice is yours. We have members who dedicate themselves to this full time, others do it partially and others on an occasional basis. This will allow you to move slowly and progress little by little, or invest more and more time and move faster, earning more income. You can start as a Farmasi Beauty Influencer along with another activity without risking or endangering other things.
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